Skills or knowledge? top 10 skills you should learn to have a better life

April 9, 2020 By ALIFITZANIA

The world is going to change every year. 2020 is not the same as in 1990 even 50%. what are change the world? what are the reasons? what we have to do? how to continue our life in the modern world? are rules changed? how we should behave?

in my opinion, these days skills are more important than knowledge. “Alifitzania”


Imagine you are one the best professor in math. you have a lot of unique information about your major and you are who is effective. if you don’t know how to communicate with others? if you don’t know how to make a good conversation? how to text people? how to use the internet to find your answers? if you don’t know the skills of new modern worlds, you will get a problem. you have to learn skills. many of them are relative to the internet and applications that you should learn and use.

warning: these changes are not finished yet. it will continue until the unknown year. it will change the world 100%. trust me. maybe technology will destroy humanity. but it will have advantages and disadvantages.

The most important skills you must learn are :

  1. how to start a conversation
  2. how to speak for people
  3. how to search on google
  4. how to produce content
  5. how to write an official email
  6. how to use social media apps
  7. how to talk with people who know you but you don’t
  8. how to introduce yourself in the cyber environment
  9. how to get present yourself or your product to people
  10. how to sleep as well