A profitable way to make money via the internet and Youtube

April 10, 2020 By ALIFITZANIA

The Internet is one of the most effective and important tools that you can use it. for using the internet you need to learn some skills depend on what you want to do. for example, if you want to make money you should learn different skills but if you want to have some hobby you most learn something else. now I want to explain how to make money via the internet.
if you have money to invest in your business or you don’t, it does not matter. the matter is you have to show off yourself or your company to people. it needs skills. content produce skills are one of them.


the platform for publishing videos. the second biggest search engine in the world is YouTube. how to make money via YouTube?

you have to produce videos with a creative idea. you have produce something that people like to watch it. if they like it, they will share it. after a few times if you made a video with more than 100K views, it possible to make money with YouTube. because YouTube will pay 1.5$-5$ American dollars for every 1000 views. so if set a goal to get 1 million views, it means 1,000,000 divided to 1000 views equal 1000. and then 1000 times to 1.5$ American dollars equal 1500$. you will earn around 1500$ or more for each 1 million views.

attention: this program’s name is YPP (YouTube Partnership Program). for joining this program, first of all, you have to get 4000 hours views to include 1000 subscribe in your youtube channel. These rules announced in July 2017.

if you cant make money by YouTube is you matter nothings else. YouTube platform is completely made for you. no excuse accepted. “Alifitzania”